A couple looking for extra room in their kitchen contacted us and wanted to see our thoughts and advice regarding adding extra kitchen cupboards or the possibility of a completely new kitchen. They wanted to know if they needed a whole new kitchen or if we could work with their old one. We went to see what we had to work with and an onsite inspection realised it was a fairly small area and it was a very tight.


Project Type Office Building
Client New York City
Completion Date August 2008
Project Size 3350 Square Feet
Contract Value $10,250,000


Clients want extra room in kitchen if possible, otherwise will consider replacing kitchen with new design and/or removing room layout to fit new kitchen.

  • Add more kitchen space
  • Look for other areas to place new kitchen
  • Clients have a budget in place
  • Clients open to ideas to modify old kitchen

Work with old kitchen to make it bigger

  • Added new cupboard 900×600 adding a fair bit of space for low cost
  • Added a matching colour cupboard with drwas and cupboard in one that looked really similar to current kitchen cupboards.
  • Replaced old laminate benchtop in order to expand and make benchtop alot longer
  • Longer bench-top allowed for extra large cupboard underneath and also breakfast seating for 2 on the other side
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