Home owners requiring Termite and Timber Pest Inspection to their residence have called us to carry out their Inspection.


Project Type Office Building
Client New York City
Completion Date August 2008
Project Size 3350 Square Feet
Contract Value $10,250,000


Clients want to get a Timber Pest Inspection as they have every year for a few years. They have advised us they have had their regular person retire and are looking for a new company that can perform these annually for them. They also insisted how easy the Inspection would be as they have done so every year and nothing to worry about.

  • Old style home to be inspected
  • Inspection also of garage that was surrounded by trees
  • Clients wanted to get the report asap
  • Inspection needed to be carried out of the entire property including roof and under the house

Inspect entire property including fences, house, out-buildings and surrounding tree’s

  • Inspect garage and other out-buildings
  • Close Inspection of trees in their property
  • Inspect roof space and the under the house space also
  • Determine if in the last year since last inspection anything has changed
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